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Fragile Pampas


Are you looking for guidance in reaching your highest potential? I'm Pamela Rose, and I'm here to help you on your journey to a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. I come with 10 years of experience as an Energy Healer, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor, I'm passionate about helping people connect with their inner selves and find balance in their lives. I believe that our nervous system is the gateway to our connection with the universe, having a relationship with your mind and body is the first step in awakening to your truest self.  I have traveled around the world, learning about different cultures and gaining insight into life from different perspectives. This has allowed me to learn the importance of having a holistic approach to life, drawing on my personal life experience, yoga therapist training, healing and spiritual practices, and my intuitive ability to create practical and effective techniques customized to your life, allows me to access the tools and resources that help you find increased wellbeing, mental clarity, and connection with your mind, body, and soul. My goal is to empower you to build trust and faith in yourself to cultivate a life filled with gratitude, abundance and harmony!

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